5 Fantastic Extracurricular Activities with Pathways Vendors Oct. 16, 2017

5 Fantastic Extracurricular Activities with Pathways Vendors

Pathways Academy is a tuition-free public charter school where students learn core competencies while also pursuing their passions. Families choose which vendors they want to receive educational and extracurricular services from, with a dedicated academic advisor there to assist their selections. 

Families receive $2,500 per year in funding for TK-8th grade and $3,000 per year through high school. The funds are used first for curriculum and tutoring vendors, but there is typically a very comfortable budget left for all sorts of activities and workshops, such as:

1. Visual Art

From painting to mixed-medium and beyond, students can turn their learning visual with vendors such as Daydreamer, which covers many different subjects through creation of art. Meanwhile, The Open-Source Makers Lab also offers classes in ceramics, 3D printing, and more. 

2. Music

The combination of flexible homeschooling and generous funding at Pathways makes private music lessons more accessible than ever. Whether it’s a simple pastime such as the ukulele or recorder, classic piano lessons, rock guitar, or anything in between, your student can explore their musical inclinations.

3. Technology

Does your student show curiosity as to how things work? Let them learn how to build and program computers or take things apart and build them better. They can even take up Lego robotics!

4. Physical Education

Physical activity is a must for any child of any age. Gymnastics is very popular among Pathways students, and local YMCAs offer a full lineup of extracurricular sports. Students who demonstrate aptitude in school can also access additional activities—such as sailing, surfing, and tennis—through nearby community colleges. We also partner with EMH Sports in order for our students to gain exposure to many different sports, as well as learn teamwork and collaboration in competition.

5. Improv

Improvisation is a fantastic way for students to learn to think on their feet and find humor in life—all while developing legitimate acting skills. Our improv vendors also offer cooperative learning activities where students complete puzzles and collaborative activities together. 

Explore Pathways Vendors

Each of our 250-plus vendors brings unique value to the Pathways Academy experience. Collectively, they enable parents and their students to create specialized yet well-rounded learning curriculums based on the student’s passions, strengths, and preferences. Learn more about Pathways vendors here.