A Day in the Life of Pathways Middle Schooler March 24, 2017

A Day in the Life of Pathways Middle Schooler

A day in the life: How one Pathways Academy Middle Schooler learns creatively and explores new activities. 

Middle school is one of the most pivotal points in a child’s education. At Pathways Academy, middle schoolers enjoy flexible, personalized homeschooling accompanied by a vast assortment of extracurricular activities. Our program is designed to provide the perfect balance of education and inspiration for students in grades K-12.
Middle schoolers, in particular, enjoy the coursework because it goes beyond book reading and worksheets. We recently had the opportunity to speak with one of our middle school students about her homeschooling experience with Pathways Academy, the many different ways she is learning, and extracurricular activities she is involved in.
Pick a Popsicle Stick
Our anonymous Pathways student shared that she especially appreciates being able to do much of her schoolwork on a flexible schedule. At Pathways, students complete the majority of their work at home with a parent.
This particular student has found that she enjoys her schoolwork more when she has interesting, hands-on learning materials. So, she and her mother came up with a system for picking lessons. They constructed a pouch for each subject, with popsicle sticks for different activities. The student draws a popsicle stick to pick her next lesson, adding an element of gamification to the curriculum. Pair personal creativity with Pathways’ creative methods for teaching—such as gold leafing for a Middle Ages history lesson—and there is never a dull day. 
From Skates to Stables
The student’s homeschooling schedule includes math, language arts, science and history. She also attends figure skating lessons for an hour and a half each day, participates in horseback riding, and volunteers at her old elementary school. She previously participated in ballet lessons. Pathways vendors offer a world of options for students to explore new crafts and pastimes. Meanwhile, flexible coursework gives them time in the day to actually enjoy those activities.
“Homeschooling definitely allows me to do more of what I like,” the student said. “I dedicate most of my free time to sports, so it’s nice to be able to plan school around sports and get the best of both.”
Entrepreneurial Already
A more applicable and inspiring school setting enables Pathways students to dream big and work toward turning their ideas into reality. Our anonymous student shared with us her idea for a salon/café. Ingenious, right?
“The best part is that our art class is doing a project where we have to design our own logo,” the student said. “So I thought, ‘Perfect! I can design my salon-café logo!’”
On-Site Days
To maintain the social benefits of school, Pathways offers on-site, school-sponsored classes taught by certified teachers and approved vendors. The student we spoke to attends on-site classes on Mondays and Tuesdays, including:

  • Imagination Station, where she is learning 3D sketching
  • Stem Science, a hands-on science, math and engineering class, where she is building different types of electrical circuits.
  • Independent Writing—She just finished a paper about Arabian horses and is now working on a compare-contrast piece on figure skates vs. hockey skates.
  • Art Tour, which is currently teaching her how to portray different emotions on canvas rather than with words. 

“I’m just really excited about everything,” she said. “I really love homeschooling with Pathways and can’t wait to see what happens next.”
Now that’s something you don’t often hear from a middle schooler.