Faces to Names: Meet Pathways Homeschool Program Lead, Carol McIntosh Sept. 7, 2017

Faces to Names: Meet Pathways Homeschool Program Lead, Carol McIntosh

Pathways Academy was established by a group of educators who envisioned a more meaningful and impactful homeschool experience for students and parents alike. One of those founders is Carol McIntosh, our homeschool program lead who embodies the passion and personalization that make Pathways so popular. Learn a little more about Carol in this short Q&A. 

Where are you from?

New London, Wisconsin. 

When did you first get into teaching?

I have been a teacher my whole adult life. I first worked as a swimming teacher. Then, I moved to California to earn my teaching license at UCSD and worked in the private school sector. I later moved back to Wisconsin for a short period of time to teach in a public school, where I was honored to receive a Kohl Fellowship Grant from Herb Kohl Educational Foundation in 2007.

What was your vision when helping to start Pathways Academy?

After moving to California a second time (and this time for good!), I spent a year as a math teacher for the Escondido Union School District. I then got involved with the Greater San Diego Academy homeschool program, where I began studying the many different homeschooling models such as Waldorf, classical, and unschooling. 

While learning different methods and programs, I started to see where parents struggle to homeschool their children: math and science. We needed to do a better job of teaching parents how to teach these subjects and developing an individualized learning program for each and every student, which is where Pathways sets itself apart today.

Why do you believe in Pathways homeschooling?

I homeschooled all three of my children for several years and understand how challenging it can be as a parent.

A big part of the Pathways process is taking the time to understand your and your student’s needs so we can create a personalized program that fits their learning style. Our motto from day one has been to do what’s best for the kids. When we put their interests first, they are more likely to not only succeed, but excel.

What do you love most about your job?

I love knowing our students have access to a flexible, individualized learning program that allows them to pursue their passions and gain an all-around education they can carry with them toward future endeavors. It’s also rewarding to enable parents to get their children excited about school and instill in them a lifelong learner’s spirit.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

My husband, David, and I have three kids, ages 23, 24, and 26. We enjoy spending time together as a family, and I am personally drawn to the water. I always want to be by a lake, river, or best of all, the California coast. I also love scuba diving, cooking healthy meals, and relaxing whenever I have the chance! 

We thank Carol for all that she does to ensure our students have a fantastic experience. For more information about homeschooling at Pathways Academy, click here.