Ignite Your Passion: How a Flexible Schedule is Helping One Student Pursue Her Passion for Music Oct. 11, 2017

Ignite Your Passion: How a Flexible Schedule is Helping One Student Pursue Her Passion for Music

How a Flexible Schedule is Helping Pathways High School Junior, Andrea, Pursue Her Passion for Music

There is more to a high schooler’s life than just academics. At Pathways Academy, students enjoy flexible learning programs that enable them to pursue their passions while gaining a quality education. Take, for instance, Pathways high school junior, Andrea. Since joining our blended learning program last year, she has been able to grow as a student and as a musician. How does Andrea find the balance to excel in both school and music? 

Enrichment Opportunities

Andrea came to Pathways from a fully online program to hone her focus with blended learning, which combines the flexibility of homeschooling with the benefits of enrichment classes.

“Having only 10 to 15 classmates makes it really easy to build strong relationships,” Andrea says. “I feel such a strong connection to my classmates and to my teachers. They are all really wonderful people.” 

Flexible Offsite Days

With flexibility on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Andrea has plenty of time to complete her homework throughout the week. Before coming to Pathways, she voiced that she was struggling in math. So, the staff and teachers worked with her to develop a schedule that would allow her to work at a comfortable pace in math and learn the concepts more thoroughly through videos, tutoring, and other learning resources available through the academy. 

“Having that flexibility to go home and work at your own pace, and then go to school with a teacher to support you is really the best of both worlds,” Andrea says. 

The combination of personalization and flexibility has helped Andrea to not only do well in school, but also see the value in her education. She says she has made tremendous progress academically from her sophomore to junior year, adding that she feels she understands the subjects she is learning as opposed to doing the work just for the sake of completing it. 

Finding Time for Music

During the free time that she enjoys with flexible learning, Andrea visits museums, gets involved in activities at her church, and spends time with her youth group. Her passion for music has grown immensely since joining Pathways, as she has been able to find the time to go to music classes every Tuesday and Thursday while also playing in her church’s worship group. Andrea’s music lessons are with nearby Pathways vendor, Contemporary Conservatory Music Arts (CCMA), where she practices guitar, piano, and vocals. She is even participating in CCMA’s rock band clinic, starting a band with her fellow classmates there. 

“Flexible learning is the reason why I’m able to have so much fun with music,” Andrea says. “Having time to practice my instruments and singing makes it much easier for me to continue to pursue my passion and grow as a musician.”

Embracing Responsibility

Andrea’s mother, Judith, adds that Andrea has also picked up a part-time job. She works at Sea Life Aquarium on Saturdays and plans to work additional hours during summer. Judith credits Pathways for providing her daughter with enough flexibility in school to also learn the responsibilities of working. 

“It’s not just the teachers that get involved,” Judith says. “It’s the entire staff. They keep me informed all the time. I feel very comfortable knowing that they will take good care of her and help her create her future.”

Looking Ahead

Speaking of the future, Andrea seems to have a clear vision for what she wants to do when she graduates from Pathways. She is interested in attending Australia’s Hillsong College to study music ministry—a truly uplifting goal from a truly inspiring Pathways student.

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