Parent Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Help Your Pathways Student Succeed Nov. 17, 2017

Parent Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Help Your Pathways Student Succeed

Every Pathways Academy student is brilliant, creative, and unique; they each learn in their own way and on their own terms. Our curriculum can be personalized to fit their academic abilities and interests, which gives endless possibilities when it comes to creating an education that helps them succeed.

We talked to Todd, a parent of two children enrolled in our program, to ask him what he’s learned while on this homeschool journey. Below, he shares three pieces of advice that might help keep you on the right path as you help your student succeed at Pathways.

Build a Curriculum That’s Personalized to Your Child

The flexibility Pathways offers means you can do what is best for your child. The ability to mix and match courses allows you to elevate your child's skill levels and support them where they struggle. Todd shares, “What I love about homeschooling is that if you have a child who learns at a third grade level, but is able to do Algebra 1 easily, you can provide the resources and instruction that will help them learn at both levels."

The self-paced online classes, live webinar courses, university classes, and enrichment class vendors can provide instruction and guidance that specifically meet your student’s needs.

He also stresses the importance of finding a curriculum both you and your student love, since you both will be using it. There are many paths to an education and Pathways gives families the options of exploring the different philosophies. Todd recommends checking out samples of the books, talking to other parents who have taught the courses, and asking Pathways’ educators for their guidance. The credentialed teachers at Pathways are invaluable resources and can help you find and explore different options to approach subjects you or your child may be interested in.

Change Things Up Occasionally

At the beginning of each school year, chart out what you need and want to accomplish, and plan on being flexible. The beautiful thing about a homeschool education is that it can be personalized to your child’s pace, skills, and interests.

“It is great to be able to stop our planned progression in a subject area like math for example and spend an extra day to couple weeks working on something that doesn’t click or hasn’t really sunk in or has been forgotten,” Todd says. “It is equally helpful to be able to speed through or pass over content that we may have already covered and mastered through other means.”

Along with changing the curriculum to keep up with your child’s pace, change up the setting of where they’re learning. Flexible programming means you can visit the park, library, or even other Pathways families if you’re feeling trapped at home or have hit a slump.

When Todd’s students were younger, they would head to LEGOLAND, find a quiet spot, and complete their schoolwork. It switched up their scenery and gave them something to look forward to once they were done (which usually motivated his kids to complete their work quickly).

Connect with the Pathways Community

As a homeschool parent, you’re going to experience challenging days just like you’ll experience rewarding days. There will be times you question if you’re doing things right and having the support of other Pathways parents will help you get through it.

Todd recommends sticking around after you drop your child off at their enrichment classes and saying hi to other parents. You can also join a playgroup or sign up for field trips, which are not only fun learning opportunities, but a chance to meet other students and parents as well. Having a connection with other parents can help remind you that occasional struggles are normal, and they might offer a different perspective on how to push past them to help your child succeed.

According to Todd, the most important thing to keep in mind is what you hope to get out of your homeschool journey. To learn more about flexible learning at Pathways Academy, click here.