High School Homeschooling 

Our Home High School Program roots itself in homeschool philosophies of flexibility and strong parent/teacher/student relationships. Your student will be paired with a credentialed California Teacher with whom they will build trust and a foundation of academic success.

We realize every student has different needs, and Pathways Academy Home High School develops different paths to fit these needs.

Homeschooling through the High School years is daunting for many homeschool families. We will help you every step of the way, including navigating California High School Graduation Requirements, curriculum options, assessments, goal setting, course tutoring, on-site enrichment classes and labs, and setting your student up to be happy, passionate learners.

If you are interested in homeschooling your child with Pathways Academy, please fill out the Homeschool Enrollment Interest Form, and our Program Lead will contact you ASAP.

See the following resources for your reference:

Graduation Requirements
course catalog  
17-18 homeschool High School Handbook

Do you offer any money for High School students to take courses, buy curriculum, and get tutoring?

We offer each High School student $3000 per year of Instructional Funding. This funding can be spent on curriculum materials through our approved material vendors, external classes such as music, dance and tutoring (through our approved vendors), YMCA & city-sponsored events and more!

How does your program differ from other 'Independent Study' High School Programs?

Great question. Home schooling differs from independent study programs due to the high level of parent/guardian involvement. In order to participate in this program effectively, students should have resources available within the home that provide them the tools to be successful in learning.

Is your High School Program accredited?

Yes! For information about our current accreditation, please visit our Accreditation page.

Do you have online classes available?

Pathways Academy has personal relationships with many online platforms, including Edgenuity, Online G3, ALEKS Math, The Well Trained Mind Academy, Bravewriter, BYU Online, Time 4 Learning, Rosetta Stone, and so much more. Through these platforms, we offer a diverse range of courses for High School Students, including English, Math, Science, History, Foreign Language, and Electives.

We do not want to do online classes. Do you have textbook or other curriculum options?

Of course! Here at Pathways, we understand that online courses do not suit the needs of every child. Therefore, we have built in the option of textbooks and alternative curriculum. Our students can use a blend of online courses, textbooks, and direct instruction. Your Academic Advisor will help guide you through the process of picking curriculum that best suites the needs of your student.

Do you have tutoring available for subjects such as Algebra, Biology, Spanish, etc.?

Yes! Your Academic Advisor will help match curriculum and instruction options that will mesh with you and your student. We also offer on-site tutoring opportunities from credentialed teachers, as well as in-home tutors through our Approved Vendors. Our goal is to create independent, lifelong learners such that your role as a homeschool parent is one of guidance and support rather than curriculum instruction. Let us take care of the rest!

Do you offer Field Trips for High School students?

You bet! Many of our official field trips are oriented towards High School students that align with their courses, such as oceanography studies, earth science and paleontology, art studies, museum visits, and much more.

Do you have laptops available for students?

Yup! Laptops and other technology can be purchased on a needs basis through a student's instructional funds. We also have many in-house options for students to borrow. If a student requires specific technology and/or accommodations such as a laptop or WiFi for their schooling, these materials can be provided.

Can my child take classes at a Community College while enrolled with Pathways Academy?

Most definitely. In fact, this is something we highly encourage. Your student must take a minimum 20 credits with Pathways Academy in order to enroll into a Community College. Concurrent Enrollment also offers dual credit. For example, a 3 credit course at the Community College level equates to college credit as well as 10 credits towards Pathways High School Graduation Credits.

Do you offer on-site classes for high schoolers?

We do! We offer on-site enrichment classes for core and elective areas taught by highly qualified teachers once per week. These include science labs, foreign language instruction and labs, math tutoring, drawing, music study, and more.

Do you have an enrichment site?

Our homeschool enrichment site is located in North County San Diego at the following address: 292 E. Barham Drive San Marcos, CA 92078.

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