At Pathways Academy, we believe that there is no one curriculum that can fit all learning styles. Therefore, we aim to provide a diverse range of curriculum in order for us to better personalize education for each and every student. We offer both EMR (Books/Materials) and VCI (Service/Lessons) Vendors to better enrich your child’s education. See the link below for our current list of Vendors. You can switch between the two tabs in order to see both types of vendors.

All of our service vendors undergo a background check through the Department of Justice, however our vetting does not guarantee your child's safety. As with all student activities, adult and parent supervision is recommended.

Pathways Vendor List

Have a vendor you love, but they're not on our list? No problem!

If a parent or legal guardian is interested in requesting a particular service or curriculum vendor to partner with us, let your Academic Advisor know so they can refer the vendor to our purchasing department. Please provide your Academic Advisor the name, description, website (if applicable), and contact information for the new vendor.

We reserve the right to approve or deny any request to be an approved vendor. Once a new vendor application is complete, typically a decision (whether to accept and deny) is rendered within 10 business days. Please note that the decision whether to accept or deny a new vendor application is contingent upon completion of the vendor application packet and provision of all required documents.