Concurrent Enrollment 

Full-time students at Pathways Academy are permitted to dual enroll in Community College courses. This means that students in good standing are able to be concurrently enrolled both with Pathways Academy and at their local Community College, allowing students to gain both college and high school credit for graduation at the same time in a rigorous and engaging educational setting within the community.

In order for courses to be taken at a Community Colleges for dual credit with Pathways Academy, the student:

1. Must be in good standing with Pathways Academy academically (to ensure the student has enough ability for college rigor).
          a. Received a 3.0 GPA in his/her most recent semester.
          b. Received a minimum of 20 credits in his/her most recent semester.

2. Demonstrates good attendance.

3. Must be enrolled in a minimum of 20 credits with Pathways Academy.

4. Meets age restrictions and local regulations of Community College

High school credit will be awarded as follows:  

a. Courses that are at the “100” level or above receive 3.3 high school credits per 1 college unit.

b. Courses below the “100”level will be granted credit as follows:

College Units

Equivalent High School Credits 

1 Unit

1.5 Credits 

2 or 3 Units 

5 Credits 

4 or 5 Units 

10 Credits 

College courses must be approved prior to enrollment in the courses to ensure courses meet one of the student’s graduation requirements.

Program Lead must sign the college approval forms, including course number, prior to entering the community college.

Forms and Resources:

Palomar College K-12 Minor Approval Form

MiraCosta College Concurrent Enrollment Permit

College of the Desert Concurrent Enrollment Form

Crafton Hill College Concurrent Enrollment Form

Southwestern College Concurrent Enrollment Form

My first class was a realistic drawing class; Art 102. It was great to have my first class be a low information intake one, so that I could get used to the homework, going to the campus, having to be in a class for several hours at once, and understanding the process of how to sign up for the class. Meeting the instructor before my class started was a good way to start, as it allowed me to get to know my teacher better, as well as practically guaranteeing me a spot in the class as a high schooler. My next class was Oceanography 100, which was definitely an information-intensive class. This was a good class for me to practice my note-taking and studying skills, especially when preparing for exams. I was very lucky with my instructor, as he allowed me to bring a page of notes to exam days and exam retakes. I use to view what people and other students have to say about a professor of a class I want to take, before I take it. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to transition from my high school schoolwork to college classes at a pace of my choosing. I think this will help me become a better student and better prepared for college classes in general for the future.
-Pathways Academy 9th grade student